Unique Tips for a Custom Wedding Bar Experience

We love specific touches to a wedding bar and are happy to work with each couple to make their bar experience specific to them. Here are a few creative ways that we have seen this done during the 2023 wedding season.

  1. Choosing unique names for your cocktails – “The Gizmo” and “The Pickle” were recent signatures at a beautiful wedding in Aspen. These were the names of the couples dogs. The Gizmo was a delicious Espresso Martini and the Pickle was an ever classy Aperol Spritz. Our Espresso Martini specs: 1.5 oz vodka, 1 oz espresso, .25 oz simple syrup, .5 oz Mr. Black Coffee Liqueur, garnished with 3 espresso beans. Our Aperol Spritz specs: 2 oz Aperol, 1 oz club soda, 3 oz prosecco, garnished with edible flowers. These drinks not only tasted fabulous, but they looked incredible thanks to the beautiful glassware brought by Noels Eye For Design. When guests came up to the bar they were so excited to say the fun names and to also see Pickle (the couples pug) running around in his little tux! Check out our picture of Pickle here. Featured photos by Redden Photography
  2. Riffing a classic cocktail –  A couple that we served at Block One Venue in Fort Collins chose to do a few twists on traditional cocktails. For an old fashioned the bride wanted to do a cherry riff on the Old Fashioned. The specs for this cherry fused old fashioned: 2 oz Bulleit Bourbon, .5 oz maraschino liqueur, 2 dashes of Angostura bitters.  
  3. Having a mocktail on the signature menu – A mocktail is great for kiddos and sober adults that want to partake in the drinking experience. For a recent wedding we had an autumnal mocktail on the menu with fresh apple cider and effervescent ginger beer. It is always precious to see a little kid come to the bar to get their own drink with a fancy little garnish.
  4. A toast that fits you as a couple – Although champagne is traditional for toasts, a specific beverage that symbolizes a piece of your relationship is a memorable touch for your guests. At a wedding we served at Rist Canyon Inn, we had a couple honor the grooms Croatian heritage with an optional shot of Maraksa Slivovitz, a Croatian plum brandy as their toast. It allowed the couple to speak on the history of the drink and their background. If Danny (my husband) and I were to get married again, we would probably do a toast with Malort (a Chicago liqueur) because although it is not everyone’s first choice, it holds special memories for us and our relationship! 
  5. Collecting unique glassware – A great way to be more more sustainable on your wedding day is to use reusable cupware. If you don’t want to spend the money on rentals, then one option is to collect glassware over the engagement time and allowing those to be your wedding cups. Your guests can choose theirs for the night! You can either donate the glasses afterwards or have your guests take theirs home! Check out this brides lineup of cups for their Redfeather Wedding

These are just a few easy ways to make your wedding more suited to you and less cookie cutter. What are a few ways that you’ve seen couples customize their wedding bar experience? If you want to inquire about bar services at your 2024 wedding, inquire HERE!

Happy planning and as always, CHEERS!