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Tap Truck Fort Collins made it’s Colorado debut in April of 2022. Dolly, our 1960 Ford F100 has seen many skylines, traveling all the way from San Diego, CA to service your Northern Colorado events. Dolly has a pearly white cab with a golden wood truck bed siding. She is classy yet retro, rustic yet timeless. Fort Collins is known for its eclectic and funky attitude, which pairs perfectly with our Dolly.


Female country music artists have been the soundtrack of Jocelyn’s upbringing and are what inspired the truck’s name “Dolly” after the one and only Dolly Parton. This icon embodies many attributes that Tap Truck Fort Collins admires: resilience, kindness, generosity, wisdom and authenticity. As Dolly says “Find out who you are. And do it on purpose.”

About Jocelyn and Danny

Jocelyn Gentry is the owner of Tap Truck Fort Collins. Born in Montana and raised in Fort Collins, her passions are fueled by getting the “goodie out of life”, genuine people, the outdoors and delicious beverages. As a former Rocky Mountain lobo, she is excited to be back in Fort Collins with her husband Danny. They had moved to Chicagoland for non-profit positions when they got married in 2019. During quarantine in 2020 Danny found a passion for bartending and Jocelyn harnessed her hospitality skills as a program director and supervisor at a coffee shop. Her background in event planning, non-profit work, baristaing, and 6 years of service industry experience has led Jocelyn back to her hometown, where she is excited to bring the magic of Tap Truck.


Strong women are a common theme in Jocelyn’s life. Her mother, Cathy, raised Jocelyn and her sisters to truly love others no matter what and encouraged them to “get the goodie” out of everything. Whether it was an average Friday night or any holiday, Cathy loved to make small moments memorable by going above and beyond with celebration and festivity. After a 6 year long battle with fallopian tube cancer, Cathy passed away in 2015. When those who loved Cathy reflect on her, they think of an abundance of joy and life to the full! In hopes of continuing the legacy of fun, adventure, and love that Cathy brought to the world, Tap Truck Fort Collins is dedicated to the best service for each celebration – no matter the occasion!

Jocelyn’s oldest sister, Jordan Van Eimeren, has been a pillar of inspiration in her entrepreneurial ways. In 2018, Jordan opened an award-winning brewery, Sacred Waters Brewing Company, in Kalispell, Montana. (Check it out – Sacred Waters Brewing) Jordan and Sacred Waters have influenced Jocelyn in her love for beer and the beverage experience altogether. Alongside Jordan, her other sister Jessica has embodied Cathy’s inspiration to love others through a career in counseling.

Jocelyn loves mountains, rivers, and all the fun stuff that comes with them. She attributes this to her dad, Kirk. Growing up Jocelyn spent summers with her dad and sisters in the beautiful mountains of Glacier National Park and the Bob Marshall Wilderness and continues to hold a deep love for Montana because of her family times here. Depending on the season you can find him competitive roping, guiding wilderness trips, fly fishing, snowboarding, or reciting cowboy poetry. He also spends a healthy amount of time serving patrons at Sacred Waters, alongside Jordan, focusing on the hospitality of beverage service.

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