When we first arrived in Fort Collins to receive our beautiful Dolly, our Tap Truck Fort Collins, one of the first things we did was head to the local liquor store, Mulberry MAX. No, not to drown our sorrows. Instead to get the local take on what brews to serve at a small mock event for a photo shoot with Dolly and friends.

At Mulberry MAX we were greeted with some of the kindest people. They knew a whole lot about the local beer and spirits scene. We picked their brain specifically for brewskis to satisfy the thirst for our small photoshoot gathering. We asked what might be a refreshing and fruity beer and we landed on the “Pineapple Guava” by Maxline Brewing. For the guests that are quenched by a dark, malty stout we went with Horse and Dragon’s “Sad Panda Coffee Stout,” a local favorite! For those hoppy-centric millennial types like myself we wanted an IPA and the “Snow Juice NE IPA” by Snowbank Brewing was our pick. Finally, for the folks that love beer, but not the booze we served a classic N/A (non-alcoholic) IPA by Lagunitas, too!

Creating a versatile beverage menu is a great way to show hospitality and give your guests the opportunity to try something they might not have otherwise. A special event is the perfect spot to expand one’s horizons and taste buds. Other ways to extend your hospitality in beverage options is to consider serving a cold brew or kombucha on tap at your event! Turtle Mountain Fermentery is a Fort Collins fermentery that offers all sorts of delicious kombucha flavors: pineapple jalapeno, strawberry mojito, and apple pie to name a few! Fort Collins has so many lovely coffee shops to choose from for your cold brew selection, too. Just some drink for thought as you plan your next special event!